Educational advising from international experts who have more than 10 years of international experience

Leadership coaching and career advising from highly experienced and well-renowned leaders

Improving curriculum design and assessment plan customized to the needs of the department or institution that emphasizes active learning:

  • TBL
  • PBL
  • Minicase(s)

Conducting a needs assessment and offering customized seminars, workshops and online courses

One on One Consultancy on research projects

Addressing customized educational technology needs of the institution with a state of the art online content development


Preview: We will present a clinical mini case and focus on small group active engagement during the case discussion, this will bring engineering students with medical students leading to generate ideas in innovation.

  • Logistics:

  • Round tables with AV
  • Whiteboard or flip charts
  • Markers
  • Handouts provided by trainers

Are you looking to customize your education curriculum?

Customized plans based on the institution need: interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, medical and engineering integration.

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