Physician | Educator | Scientist

Dr. Kashif Ahmad has taught a variety of medical and life science subjects including physiology, nutrition, biology, pharmacology, pathology and dermatology. With a M.D. and Ph.D., Ahmad has twelve years of international teaching experience in many countries including Singapore, U.K. and ten years in the United States. Ahmad embarked on his fourth degree in medical educational leadership, developing his teaching skills and leadership qualities as an educator. He has delivered formal lectures, led lab sessions, served as a facilitator in problem-based learning groups, and taught medical students and nurses in outpatient clinics. He has published in several scientific and education journals, and he has received several awards including the Memorial Gold Medal for his doctoral work and the Dr. Raymond B. Allen award for teaching.

Olivia Coiado


Engineer | Educator | Scientist

Dr. Olivia Coiado is passionate about anything that involves education, innovation and technology. She holds a doctorate in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering and did her postdoctoral training from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she developed a new technology for cardiac therapy. She has 10 years of experience in education, mentoring students, and teaching engineering, biomedical engineering and medicine. She has experience at the professional level with ultrasound, health information technology, medical device, biomedical instrumentation, bioacoustics, animal models and cardiology research. She has published journal articles describing a new technology to pace the heart using ultrasonic pulses and presented her work at multiple ultrasound and biomedical conferences.